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Day Date Time Location Event


Monday 10th June 10.30am Chilbolton Funeral and Burial of Allan Lockyer
Friday 14th June 10am Littleton Interment of the Ashes of David Horne
Saturday 15th June 12.30pm Wherwell Wedding of Luke Ward and Clare Neave
Monday 17th June 3.00pm Littleton Interment of the Ashes of Lavinia Glover
Monday 17th June 5pm Sparsholt Reception of the body of Jane Green into the Church
Tuesday 18th June 1.45pm Sparsholt Funeral of Jane Green
Thursday  20th June 2.30pm Sparsholt Interment of the Ashes of Simon King
Sunday 23rd June 2.30pm Chilbolton Baptism of Elizabeth Revell
Thursday 27th June 11.30am Littleton Interment of the Ashes of Ernest Witts
Sunday 7th July 2.30pm Littleton Baptism of Cole Neville
Friday 12th July 2pm Chilbolton Wedding of David Moss and Annie Carder
Saturday 13th July 2.30pm Littleton Wedding of Andrew Maclachlan and Nichola Foster
Saturday 13th July 4-6pm Sparsholt Messy Church, Sparsholt Memorial Hall
Friday 19th July 1.30pm Littleton Wedding of Alexander Marshall and Clare Henley
Sunday 21st July 2.00pm Sparsholt Baptism of Hollie Benson
Sunday 28th July 2.30pm Sparsholt Baptism of Max Francis
Saturday 3rd August 12.30pm Littleton Wedding of Jack Hooker and Jessica Honess
Sunday 4th August 12.30pm Littleton Baptism of Sophie Prawdzic-Szakowski
Saturday 10th August 1.30pm Sparsholt Blessing of the Vows of Marriage of Richard and Susannah Griffin
Sunday 11th August 10am Chilbolton Baptism of Rory Ellis within Morning Service
Sunday 11th August 2.30pm Sparsholt Baptism of Phoebe Fitzgerald
Saturday 17th August 2pm Sparsholt Blessing of the Vows of Marriage of Max Kempf and Naomi Trewinnard-Kempf
Saturday 24th August 3pm Crawley Private Service
Sunday 1st September 2.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Ross Macdonald and Alma Sargeant
Saturday 14th September 2pm Crawley Renewal of Vows - Peter & Romney Lelliott
Saturday 21st September 12.30pm Littleton Wedding of James Scott and Lucy Arculus
Saturday 21st September 3.30pm Wherwell Wedding of Thomas Hogg and Felicia Bettin
Saturday 28th September 12.30pm Chilbolton Wedding of Michael Dolloway and Gill Granger
Saturday 26th October 12.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Mark Giblin and Francesca Cook
  30th November 2.30pm (tbc) Wherwell Wedding of James Conway and Megan Thorne
  7th December 2.00pm Chilbolton Wedding of Julian West and Krysia Eddery


Saturday 16th May  2.30pm Wherwell Wedding of James Blackmoor & Kate Riney
Saturday 23rd May 2.00pm Sparsholt Wedding of Will Davies & Lucy Conroy
Friday 17th July 1.00pm Sparsholt Wedding of Callum Weir & Antonette Price
Saturday 29th August  12.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Shane Webb & Terri Hyde
Saturday 14th November 2.30pm Littleton Wedding of Gary Baker & Pippa Walker
Wednesday 23rd December 12.30pm (tbc) Chilbolton Wedding of Barnaby Reekes & Emily Souter


KEY to event Location: Ch = Chilbolton; Cr = Crawley; Li = Littleton; Sp = Sparsholt; Wh = Wherwell

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