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Easter Services

Notices in brief...

For all the notices and more information, please see our Notices page


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Office Closure

Please note that the Benefice Office will close for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Electoral Rolls

Just a quick reminder that it is time for the new Electoral Roll to be compiled.  Please don't forget to fill in your forms and return them to your Electoral Roll Officer or the Benefice Office.

The Downs Benefice Summer Walks

19th to 24th August 2019



Put these dates into your diary and join us during our week
of walks this summer.


It is for all of the communities of Chilbolton, Crawley, Littleton, Sparsholt and Wherwell: all are welcome.


There will be six full-length walks of between 8.5 and 9.5 miles and also eight half-day walks of about 4 to 5 miles.
Two years ago, we had about 100 walkers who each walked on average 2.2 walks.

It is hoped that all five communities will support this initiative.

Benefice Baptism Team

Would you be interested in becoming part of the Baptism Team?

For more details please see  Notices

Parish Magazine Deadline

Copy for June/July edition of the Benefice Parish Magazine should be submitted by 12.00 noon - Friday 10th May.

 A very warm welcome to all the services in The Downs Benefice of St. Mary the Less Chilbolton (Ch), St. Mary's Crawley (Cr), St. Catherine's Littleton (Li), St. Stephen's with Lainston Sparsholt (Sp) and St. Peter and Holy Cross Wherwell (Wh)


Holy Week and Easter Services


Sunday 14th April – Palm Sunday

Chilbolton               Palm Sunday Service                                                               10am

Crawley                  Palm Sunday service                                                                10am

Littleton                  Palm Sunday Eucharist with a Donkey Procession                   10am

Sparsholt                Palm Sunday Service with a Donkey Procession                     10am

Wherwell                Palm Sunday Service                                                                10am


Thursday 18th April – Maundy Thursday

Chilbolton               Maundy Thursday Supper with Holy Communion

                               @ Dancing Ledge, Fullerton Road, Wherwell, SP11 7JS         6.30pm

Sparsholt                Vigil with Holy Communion and Washing of the Feet –            8pm


Friday 19th April – GOOD FRIDAY

Chilbolton               Children’s Easter Activity                                                          9.30am-12.30

Littleton                  Good Friday Meditation                                                            12noon

Wherwell                Good Friday Meditation                                                            2pm


Sunday 21st April – Easter Sunday

Chilbolton               Easter Family Communion                                                       10am

Crawley                  Easter Family Service                                                               10am

Littleton                  Easter Family Communion                                                       10am

Sparsholt                Easter Family Communion                                                       10am

Wherwell                Easter Family Communion                                                       10am