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Day Date Time Location Event


Wednesday 1st February 10am Littleton Private Funeral and Burial
Sunday 5th February 3pm Chilbolton Baptism of Josephine and Benjamin Holtum
Thursday 9th February 2.30pm Littleton Interment of the Ashes of Wyn Jones
Friday 10th February 11am Crawley Funeral of Susan Bligh
Friday 10th February 11.30am Littleton Interment of the Ashes of Allan Mitchell
Thursday 30th March 12 Noon Crawley Interment of the Ashes of Heather Stewart
Saturday 22nd April 11am Sparsholt Wedding of Tom Cox & Iryna Plastun
Sunday  23rd April 3pm Chilbolton Baptism of Noah Hellyer
Friday 5th May 1pm Cawley Wedding of Edward Gillibrand & Rachel McCarthy
Saturday 6th May 3pm Sparsholt Wedding of Alex Boyt & Nicole Moore
Saturday 13th May 2.30pm Crawley Wedding of Rob Healey & Alice Jarrett-Kerr
Friday 19th May 2pm Crawley Interment of the Ashes of Felicité Coulson
Saturday  27th May 3.30pm Chilbolton Wedding of Oli Porter & Holly Jebbitt
Saturday 3rd June 2pm Crawley Wedding of Thom Eagle & Katie Newman
Friday 30th June 12 Noon Littleton Wedding of Rob Marshall-Cox & Hannah King
Saturday 8th July 12 Noon Littleton Wedding of Oliver Tivey & Helmi Halme
Saturday  15th July 12 Noon Chilbolton Wedding of Luke Johnson & Belinda Wilman
Saturday 22nd July 3.30pm Chilbolton Wedding of Matt Barnett & Sam Page
Sunday 23rd July 2.30pm Wherwell Baptism of Pearl Rhys
Saturday 29th July 10am Wherwell Wedding of Samuel Brown & Johanna Walukiewicz
Saturday 29th July 1pm Sparsholt Wedding of Jake Hiscock & Hannah Crawford
Saturday 12th August 12.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Ben Rabbitts & Kira Brock
Saturday 12th August 3.30pm Chilbolton Wedding of Paul Savage & Jade Lawrence
Saturday 26th August 2pm Littleton Wedding of Bradley Brown & Gemma Axford
Friday 1st September 1pm Wherwell Wedding of Aaron Black & Jemma Harrop
Saturday  2nd September 3pm Wherwell Wedding of Ed Hills & Olivia Gander


Saturday 21st September 1pm Wherwell Wedding of James Buckley & Hayley Claiden


KEY to event Location: Ch = Chilbolton; Cr = Crawley; Li = Littleton; Sp = Sparsholt; Wh = Wherwell

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