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Day Date Time Location Event


Thursday  29th July 12 noon Littleton Memorial Service for Michael Giles followed by Interment of Ashes
Saturday 31st July 12 noon Littleton Wedding of Daniel Pickering & Sara Evans
Saturday 31st July 3.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Richard Sage & Suzanne Wesley

1st August

3pm Chilbolton Baptism of Robin Grujard

2nd August

11.30am Littleton Interment of the Ashes of Lesley Boothby

15th August

2.30pm Sparsholt Baptism of Sienna Francis

18th August

1pm Littleton Interment of the Ashes of Margaret Chilcott

19th August

2pm Chilbolton Interment of the Ashes of Paul Allen

20th August

2.30pm Sparsholt Memorial Service followed by Interment of the Ashes of Norris Fuller

21st August 

POSTPONED to 20th August 2022

12.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Shane Webb & Terri Hyde

22nd August

2.30pm Littleton Baptism of Frederick Maclachlan
Thursday 26th August 11.30am Sparsholt Wedding of Leigh Faux & Georgina Evangelos
Sunday 29th August 3pm Sparsholt Baptism of Ruairi Conroy-Davies
Saturday 11th September 1pm Chilbolton Blessing of the Vows of Marriage of Oliver & Bean Mhi Peach
Sunday 12th September tbc Wherwell Baptism of Dominic Hutton
Saturday 18th September 1pm Wherwell Wedding of Tom Maxted-Pettman & Felicity Collen
Sunday 26th September 2.30pm Chilbolton Private Baptism
Saturday 2nd October  3.30pm Wherwell Wedding of Harry Wolrige Gordon & Hattie McMillan
Saturday 9th October 2pm Wherwell Wedding of Kritsana Lamphun & Harriet Maxted-Pettman
Sunday 17th October 2.30pm Chilbolton Baptism of Chester and Oakley Hunt
Sunday 24th October 3pm Littleton Baptism of Dylan Poltorak
Friday 29th October 1pm Littleton Wedding of Callum Weir & Antonette Price
Friday 29th October 1pm Sparsholt Wedding of Richard Murray & Malaika Haynes
Saturday 30th October POSTPONED 3pm Chilbolton Wedding of Alex McIntosh & Bobby Coleman
Saturday 4th December 1.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Andrew Hards & Amy Barnes
Tuesday 22nd December 12.30pm Chilbolton Wedding of Barnaby Reekes & Emily Souter


Saturday 22nd January 3pm Chilbolton Wedding of John Newton and Emma Boswell
Saturday 14th May tbc Wherwell Wedding of Cameron Thompson & Hollie West
Saturday 21st May 2pm Sparsholt Wedding of Will Davies & Lucy Conroy
Saturday 21st May tbc Wherwell Wedding of Graeme McDonald & Tracie Tuffin
Saturday 28th May tbc Wherwell Wedding of James Blackmoor & Kate Riney
Saturday 9th July tbc Wherwell Wedding of Henry Guiver & Georgina Rees
Saturday 16th July tbc Chilbolton Blessing of the Vows of of Marriage Steve & Hayley Hellyer
Friday 22nd July tbc Littleton Wedding of Nathan Derringer & Lucie Tutt
Saturday 20th August 1pm Sparsholt Wedding of Shane Webb & Terri Hyde
Saturday 27th August 2022 3.30pm Sparsholt Wedding of Lee Hall & Jadine Crosswell
Saturday 10th September 1pm Chilbolton Wedding of Edward Clements & Jessica West


KEY to event Location: Ch = Chilbolton; Cr = Crawley; Li = Littleton; Sp = Sparsholt; Wh = Wherwell

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