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Daily Readings

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In Emergency 

In an emergency, please ring the number below

Mobile: 07857 512 053

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Prayer Requests

If you have any prayer requests, for any concerns lying on your heart or to give thanks, please email the office on

All prayer requests will be made anonymous before being passed on  to our Prayer Team.

Parish Magazine Deadline

Copy for Feb/Mar edition of the Benefice Parish Magazine should be submitted by 12.00 noon - Friday 5th January

Readings for Friday 8th December - The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Morning Prayer

Psalm(s)   25
Reading   Isaiah 29: 1-14
Gospel   Matthew 13: 24-43

Evening Prayer 

Psalm(s)   17
Reading   Isaiah 44: 9-23


  Revelation 21:22 - 22:5

Readings for Saturday 9th December

Morning Prayer

Psalm(s)   9
Reading   Isaiah 29: 15-end
Gospel   Matthew 13: 44-end

Evening Prayer 

Psalm(s)   27
Reading   Isaiah 44:24 - 45:13
Reading   Revelation 22: 6-end

Readings for Sunday 10th December - The Second Sunday of Advent

Principal Service 

Reading   Isaiah 40: 1-11
Psalm   85: 1-2; 8-end
Reading   2 Peter 3: 8-15a
Gospel   Mark 1: 1-8

Readings for Sunday 10th December -  Other Services

Morning Prayer

Psalm(s)   80
Reading   Baruch 5: 1-9
Gospel   Luke 1: 5-20


Evening Prayer 

Psalm(s)   40
Reading   1 Kings 22: 1-28
Reading   Romans 15: 4-13
Gospel   Matthew 11: 2-11